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Learn the disciplines that increase the anointing

The anointing breaks yokes of bondage. You shall lay hands and they shall recover.

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God’s empowerment for proclamation is the anointing.

The anointing oil serves as a point of contact when we exercise our faith and authority to minister supernaturally.

Your appointed places of proclamation may be in the pulpit, or in a casual unsuspecting location. What's most important is your ability to meet the spiritual need, not the formalized place where the need is met. 

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Anointing is Supernatural

Preaching with the Anointing Workshop provides a non-mystical methodology for preparing and increasing God's empowerment on your life. 

The wisdom and practical instructions are presented in a way that makes this lesson directly executable. You can begin immediately to receive the Lord's anointing in greater measure.

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Reasons Why Your Life Needs God's Anointing

Current Culture

God is allowing you to cross paths with more and more people who are drawing on your spiritual life, and you are drained by their needs.

Clashing Kingdoms

Darkness has become aggressive to the point that your older models of ministry are proving ineffective. You need a fresh download


When you people in your circle don't understand why your spirit is yearning for more, it's time to look beyond that circle.  You need confidence more than companionship.

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